Jean-Frédéric de Hasque


Jean-Frédéric de Hasque (1970, Belgium) studied fine arts, photography, video and was Professor of Photography and Video from 2003 to 2008. He also studied anthropology at the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium) in where he completed a thesis entitled "Benin's elite, ethnography of a class social booming from a transnational association. Lions Club ". He’s doing his fieldwork  research with a camera, his anthropological approach cross text & images. His dissertation thesis is a text accompanied by a documentary film, but both elements can be read or watched separately. He completed a postdoctoral research "A community beyond the state, analysis of the advent of an " African political global ". The main objective : To describe a model of supranational governance in Africa from a private association. This research is also filmed. He’s invited lecturer at UCLouvain (Belgium) and professor for Photography at ENSAV La Cambre He has made several documentary films in Africa since the year 2000, selected and screened widely. He is a member of LAAP Prospective Anthropology Laboratory at UCL, Belgium. His research themes include: - politic anthropology - visual anthropology Long feature films : "36 things to do before the year 2000" (2001) "Three little houses" (2007) "In search of Eldorado" (2009) "The Camp" (2012) "The Lions" (2016) Installation and short feature films on personal web site: academia: Vimeo :